Areas of Research

Faculty and students in the ACP program conduct basic and applied research on human computer interaction and ergonomics associated with the workplace. Current projects focus on auditory displays, efficiency with software, and the use of simulations and demonstrations to teach statistics.

More information can be found at Dr. Peres' research web site. All of her research is done through the RIHM lab (Research on the Interface between Human and Machines).


Current Research

Efficiency with software

Software Ergonomics

Redesign of an interactive statistics website

Auditory Progress Bars


Recent Publications

Peres, S. C. (in press) A Comparison of Sound Dimensions for Auditory Graphs: Pitch is Not So Perfect. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society: Special issue “Auditory Displays”

Tamborello II, F.P., Peres, S.C., Fleetwood, M.D., & Nguyen, V. (accepted). The Cognitive-Rational Gap Hypothesis and How Software Users Get by it With a Little Help from their Friends. Human Computer Interaction.

McLellan, S., Muddimer, A., & Peres, S. C. (2012) The Effect of Experience on System Usability Scale Ratings. Journal of Usability Studies, 7(2) pp 56-67.

Kortum, P., Peres, S. C., & Stallmann, K. (2011) Extensible Auditory Progress Bar Design: Performance and Aesthetics. International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, 27(9), 864-884.