S. Camille Peres - Assistant Professor/Director of ACP sub-plan (Ph.D., Rice University). Her focuses are in research design, statistics, cognitive psychology, user-centered design and HCI methods.

Current Lab Members

April Amos

Adrian Garcia

Sloane Hoyle

Paul Ritchey

Trini Guiterrez

Ron Phillips

Tim Duffield

Laura Parnell

Jennifer Lopez

Lee Evaldez

Tri Pham

Lab Alumni

Dana Black (M.A., Fall 2008)

Vickie Nguyen (M.A., Summer 2009)

Katie Vasser (M.A., Spring 2011)

Lindsey Muse (M.A., Summer 2011)

Jo Jardina (M.A., Summer 2011)

Rick Burks (M.A., Fall 2011)

Jasmine Nguyen (M.A., Fall 2011)

Kevin Hayes (M.A., Spring 2012)

Harry Nguyen (M.A., Spring 2012)

Kate Bruton (M.A., Fall 2012)

Tasha David (M.A., Fall 2012)

Angie Nery (M.A., Fall 2012)

Kevin Toy (M.A., Fall 2012)